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Another Lion Victory.

29 Nov

The Bestie & I drove up to Tacoma today to watch Lynden play for the semi-finals against Arch Bishop Murphy. Long drive, early morning, but a game worth watching!

Waking up at 6:15AM- dreadful

Gas to and from Tacoma- $56

Hours spent in the car with my bestie- 5!

Watching Lynden win, again- priceless 😉 On to STATE!








In vancouver for the week…

29 Nov


It’s quite possible, I may have packed too much for 6 days…

another girl changing the world.

23 Nov

Yay! I am so pleased to announce that a good friend of mine, Janae, just started a blog. I encouraged her to start one so all of us can read along as she changes the world…one street person in Spokane at a time. I talk a lot about being the eyes and ears of Jesus (not just the hands and feet) in my posts and even just in conversations I’ve had with people and this girl truly is just that. You know how a lot of people say, “Why do missions over seas when there is hurting people right in your own neighborhood?”…well Janae is a missionary right there in the middle of Spokane. She helps the homeless, the needy, the down and out and she would literally give them the bag off her back…which she actually has! I encourage you to read along with me as she shares what God is doing in her life and in the lives of those in Spokane.

I miss…

19 Nov

I talked to my friend Leslie today which brought me back to the good ol’ days and made me miss living in bothell :(.

I miss all the great friends I had down there.

I miss coming home after school to the twins who made me feel so special everytime I walked in the door.

I miss talking through stuff with John and Stacey every night.

I miss Monday nights at Leslies.

I miss Wednesday nights @ Uprising and Sunday night Fusion groups.

I miss Sunday mornings at CCC.

I miss my CPC girls.

I miss working with Lyndsay.

I am more than thankful and happy to be where I am right now and surrounded by the people that I am surrounded by, but those were some great times and today I am reminded of them!

just plain hungry.

18 Nov

Have you ever realized an opportunity, deceided to take it and then hesitated just long enough to miss it? That was my Sunday in a nutshell. I ran to Bellingham for errands and was heading back home to get ready for a meeting and I saw this homeless lady and her dog sitting on the corner in the freezing cold, intense windy weather, holding a sign that said: Just Plain Hungry. Either the sign was catchy or my heart caved becuase I flipped a u-turn and as soon as I did, she stood up and started to cross the street. Which then caused me to flip another u-turn and follow her in the wal-mart parking lot. I pulled in and waited for her to get closer and while I waited and she got closer, I hestiated and let her pass by my car. And just as she got about 20 feet ahead of me, a car pulled up and handed her a hot cup of coffee and some food, which i could tell was just what she needed. Not more than a minute later, another car pulled up and gave her another bag of food and a drink. Wow!

It’s just a reminder that God is going to accomplish His will no matter how hestitant, doubtful or busy I get. If I miss out on my responsibility to help those in need, then He will use someone else. I don’t know what I was waiting for in that moment. No matter what, only good could have come from me helping that lady and yet I doubted. Even if God wasn’t the one urging me to do something, its still a good thing to do for someone. Either way…I missed an opportunity to help someone in need and I still feel bummed about it. I wish I was more confident sometimes with things like that. I can tell you this though…the next opportunity that comes my way, I’m just going to do it becuase the feeling of missing out on something great sucks!

Lynden won! Again!

16 Nov
Here are some pics from my girls this weekend…



Extension Competition


w/Black Hills before we won 14-7!


Lynden Lions!


The Football Fam


We're all a little bit special.




Who needs guys?!


Rain=neon green ponchos!



CheerFest Routine

Secret project.

16 Nov

So, I am in the process of making a few things for a few people for Christmas. Let’s just say, I am pretty impressed with how everything is turning out! My friend Wendy works at a cabinet shop so we have good access to wood, saws, and all those other “man tools” that I’m learning to use. Although she didn’t want any pictures…I had to document the rare footage of two girls working their mad skills in the shop! What am I making you ask? Sorry…you’ll just have to wait and see 😉


I don’t like you.

16 Nov

Im sorry to tell you, but I don’t like you one bit. I don’t get what all the fuss is about you. I find you dangerous and inconvenient and cold. You always just show up. You complicate and interrupt everything. You tend to overstay your welcome and cause utter chaos. When you’re around, I feel like you will never leave. I may have liked you as a child, but my love-hate relationship with you is teetering on the hate side right now. Sorry snow, your just not my favorite!


By the way, Lexi (my car) agrees. Her poor tires can barely grip the road!

Rving :)

13 Nov

On a Sunday at the end of June this past summer, my dad and I both realized that we shared a simular dream…to travel in an RV with no destinations, no plans, no timelines…just the open road. Ironically, as we were driving to work that day, there was this conviently parked 1987 Ford Escape for sale. On Tuesday, we bought it and the following Wednesday, July 1st, My dad, mom and me headed out for our adventure…to read about go to! I can’t wait for our next RV adventure!!!


13 Nov


So, a few weeks ago I started training for this meesly 5k on thanksgiving on the hopes of eventually moving on to bigger and better races. So I started running (see my past blogs) and got way too busy this past week and never got to the gym. Tonight is the first night I actually had time to run and this is how it started out…



-I was super motivated to get back on track….you should have seen me after! How is that one week off can get you so off track. It’s not that I couldn’t run as long as I had before or as fast, but my mind was back to its old tricks. Endurance is all I had going for me…if that. I’m going to have to fit training back into my schedule or else this easy 5k race is going to become a Thanksgiving nightmare! Don’t worry…ill be sure to blog about it, even if Im embarrassed of the outcome! 😉

 Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.” -Winston Churchill