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a simple, but meaningful prayer for you.

29 Dec

May the God that holds the universe in his hands, ever so gently hold yours today. May he scoop you up like a child and make you feel utterly warm and protected. May the same hands that scuplted your body in to being, mend the hurts of your heart. May the loss you feel in the depths of your soul be filled with hope and a joy that only He can sustain. May every tear you shed, be before the one who sheds them with you too. May you know with every ounce of your mind, heart and soul that you are not alone, that with every step you take (even if they are small and with hesitation) He is by your side. Your heart might be hurt for a time, but His joy comes in the morning.

YOU are loved and loved deeply!


I believe this.

29 Dec

I don’t understand Your ways
Oh but I will give You my song,
give You all of my praise.
You hold on to all my pain;
with it You are pulling me closer
and pulling me into Your ways.

Now around every corner,
up every mountain,
I’m not looking for crowns
or water from fountains.
I’m desperate in seeking, frantic believing
that the sight of Your face
is all that I’m needing.
I will say to You

Its gonna be worth it,
Its gonna be worth it all,
I believe this.
It’s gonna be worth it.
It’s gonna be worth it all.

Inside our new home!

28 Dec

butler's pantry


view from the front door

family room


We went down to Vancouver for Christmas and moved some stuff in. It was my first look inside and I loved it! Here are some pictures…


view from the street.

Front door (view from top of the staircase)

Master bedroom (at the top of staircase)

Master bedroom into master bathroom

master bath

Master walk-in closet

at the top of the staircase

living room

more to come…


27 Dec

We’re in the midst of moving. I promise to blog when finally get there on Tuesday…wish us luck!

Goodbye LHS Cheer.

23 Dec

   Until next time Lynden…


Tonight was my last night coaching at LHS. 😦 It’s weird how much a job can impact your life, not to mention the girls and families who have made such an impact as well. When I cheered in High School, I never thought that I would one day come back to that HS and spend 6 days a week there! In fact, that would have probably been my worst nightmare. Even after moving back to Lynden, from the seattle area and leaving a squad that I really loved coaching, I never thought I would find a squad quite like them. And actually…I didn’t. The squads I’ve coached at Lynden are far different than the rest. Each girl is so different  in their own ways, which has made each season vastily different from the last, I guess that’s what keeps things new and interesting.  

These girls at LHS and Kellee have really pushed me to be a better coach. I have learned to balance trying to be their friend, but also pushing them to do better and work harder. I am so proud of all of them and feel extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to coach them the past 3 years.  

Here is a list of a few (of the many) memories I have here at LHS:  

  • Being told at Summer camp 07 that “well Lynden, you can only go up from here”
  • State Basketball 08 and long nights at the “La Quinta la Quinta”
  • The “Slurricane” dance
  • Andrea’s chin that would shake everytime she laughed
  • Amy’s crazy face she would make in EVERY picture
  • Cheer Camp 08′ when Danielle was running for the shower and slipped and cut her knee
  • Cheer Camp 08′ when our circle time lasted til 3AM!
  • The curse at civic field…poor Steph!
  • Scavenger hunts and Bingo nights
  • having Steph as a co-pilot!
  • The half-time basketball routine that didn’t go so well over the sound system…
  • Riding home from games with Jesi and Maddy squeezed in the front seat with (while possibly doing figure 8’s in the parking lot)
  • Winning State football two years straight!
  • State basketball in yakima…man, that was a long week!
  • Danielle’s sniffing joke
  • CB times
  • Team dinners
  • Cheer camp 09′- when the girls got stuck in the elevator…for over an hour!
  • cheer camp 09′-when our coaches meetings consisted of hour long discussions of other coaches complaining about the food.
  • Kaysha’s bridge story…you should ask her about it 😉
  • Vicki from Huskie performance
  • Lily’s best investment she’s ever made
  • Maddy’s creepy face in every picture
  • The game at Sequim…(that statement should speak for itself).
  • Kaysha complaining the ENTIRE way to and from Sequim
  • The annual Cheer Christmas parties
  • Kellee and I being creeped out by the gothic guy at Baker…
  • All of the girls who I have gotten to coach and get to know, you all will be missed!




















Feel free to post some of your favorite memories! I know there’s millions more! Goodbye LHS, good luck in the years to come! 

Lil’ Mr. Handsome.

22 Dec

 I got to spend some time with lil Maddox tonight. He is way too adorable for words. When Tandra checked in with me to see how he was doing, I had to be honest and tell her that he was a little mouthy with me and had to be put in time out for a bit, but other than that…he was really good! 😉 Seriously though…what a perfect little guy! He just smiled and smiled and even smiled while he slept! Sad to think that the next time I see him, he’ll probably be crawlin around!

25 random things about me.

21 Dec
25 Random Things About Me

1. Im a HUGE hypochondriac.
2. I dissect all of my food. especially meat.
3. I know all of the words to Eminem’s first album (it was during a rough phase in my life. give me a break! Thanks Corey for throwing that cd out my window.)
4. I plan on living in Australia or New Zealand one day.
5. One of my DREAMS would be to adopt a whole village someday.
6. I plan on coaching until I die.
7. I have two birthmarks, but believe with my whole heart that the one of my forehead is actually a scar from when my mom burned me with a curling iron when I was in 1st grade.
8. I would love to have two sets of twins one day. seriously.
9. I once owned a “spaceship” VW bug and had 9 flat tires in the 3 years I had it.
10. I think that tennis is a gift from sweet baby Jesus. not to watch, but to play.
11. Will Farrell is my hero. Oprah used to be my close second…but she has kind of gone off the looney bin.
12. I love everything about the game of football. EVERYTHING.
13. I once took 8 classes in college at three different schools while working 5 jobs. not my favorite past time.
14. Last year, I got to preach at the Easter Sunday service and right in the middle of speaking, my mind went blank and I forgot where I was and what I was doing. Luckily…I was looking at the cross on stage and while I continued to stare at it for merely 30 seconds to regain my thoughts….people thought I was having a “moment”.
15. I may know how to get to every mall in the state of WA.
16. I hate country music and techno with everything that is within me.
17. I am highly addicted to coffee. highly.
18. I have a new found love for reading.
19. I plan on attending beauty school in the near future and plan on doing peoples hair for free.
20. If I didn’t feel called to ministry, I would have gone to FIDM and become a fashion designer.
21. I am not an animal person, but small dogs are my favorite 🙂
22. I once did yoga on top of a mountain in whistler with my mom and Tandra…one of the funniest hours of my life.
23. Summer is my favorite time of the year.
24. Dave Matthews will forever be my all time favorite band.
25. I plan on getting a tattoo in the not so distance future.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Cheer :)

20 Dec

did you hear about the…

19 Dec


Terrible movie. In fact, we left in the middle of it. So incredibly boring. I’m sure the other 3 people in the theatre were either sleeping or contemplating life.

It was good to hang with Jen again before I move.

sneak peak.

18 Dec

Here’s a sneak peak of our new house…

I’d show you pictures of the inside, but I haven’t seen the inside yet! Soon, I promise!

My Grandpa would have loved the yard…miss him today!