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Quote for today.

28 Jan

During one period of my life I repeatedly stumbled over the same problem. Grieved and doubting in my heart, I cried out “Lord! how long will you put up with me?” In a flash of grace and truth He answered, “Until I have perfected you.”

-Francis Frangipane

Hi, my name is _________

28 Jan

…and I’m addicted to:

-the current weather! I love sunshine in January!

-the gym and spin class. one addiction I hope to never lose.

-Chelsea Lately, which now makes me not able to fall asleep before 11 😦

-drip coffee and crystal light peach iced tea. (not together, that would be sick…or would it?)…which also may be another reason I can’t fall asleep…


-trying to think of baby boy names for Britt

-saying “for sure” SNL Kim Kardashian style. I am now annoying myself with it…

-the office max commerical “Wow! That’s a low price!”

It’s the little things apparently….

but he doesn’t have any legs!

25 Jan

Today was a good day. Church was so good this morning. Pastor Dave preached on ‘perception’ and how we see God, see ourselves and see others. Perception seems like one of those things that, if left unattended, will become easily distorted. After church, I got to go pick up my little cousins, Jones and Molly. Man oh man, do they have energy! They gave us all an excuse to be kids ourself today. At one point, they were playing lego’s and Molly really wanted a lego person so she could put him in her lego car and after much hesitation from Jones, he gave her one. Taking a sigh of relief thinking that battle was solved…Molly screamed out, “but he doesn’t have any legs!” Silence filled the room followed by lots and lots of laughter. Kid’s say the funniest things, especially these kids!

After a HUGE bubble bath (apparently 10 squirts of bubble bath soap is 9 squirts too many), some rousing episodes of Caillou and a lil’ battle on the Wii…the kids passed out! Apparently they were tired. Actually, I’m tired too, in fact I was about to head to bed myself and then realized it was only 9:25. I’m old :(. I guess I better go pack my stuff for 24cycle tomorrow. Ugh….I have a deep love/hate relationship with that class.


22 Jan
Britt, me, Emily & Shelly

Today was a long, but really good day! It all started off with me being a slacker and sleeping in instead of going to the gym, followed up by a productive day at work and then ended my work day with a radio spot out at our Woodland store. Woodland is full of some very interesting people…emphasis on “interesting”! Did I mention it was around 60 degrees here yesterday?! So I did not hesitate to crack open my sunroof, endulge in my usual iced green tea and blast some Kings of Leon on the drive. After work, I met up with some of the girls and we headed to a ‘classy establishment’ in the ‘ritzy’ part of town we like to call Hazel Dell. Otherwise known as the Bingo hall. After purchasing an overwhelming amount of bingo cards we sat down, all 7 of us, and begin to chat like girls do. After an awkward 5 minutes of an older man peircing me with his evil stares, he abrutly yelled at us that if we wanted to talk we bes move into the next room or find a corner in the back. The mustache man sitting comfortable in his 80’s moose hunting shirt and wranglers was apparently upset, but as stubborn as we all were…we decided to talk loudly about our options. As he continued to mutter words at us, we decieded to get up and move because he had already begun to ruin our fun. As we all got up he said, “Good idea! Why don’t you all head to the bar”. Wow! Mr. Regular Bingo man….I hope you find some joy in your life oustide of your addiction to Bingo and being a jerk!

When the rounds started, I had begun to realize that i was a little too ambitious with all my cards as my dobber was starting to squirt everywhere while i was racing to mark all my numbers. I think we all had a little too much fun at the Bingo hall, however, none of us won :(. Well, actually…one of us did win, however she didn’t hear the winning number announced so she didn’t call out in time and therefore lost out on $1000! G60 will forever be a cursed number!

Erin, Tiff and Annie something about a toy car and a minituare man...

we were losers 😦

Sad they lost...

Tiff's face in the back is hilarious!



21 Jan

Dear office,

You make coming to work even more great. You and I are going to be spending a lot of time together…I hope you can handle it.

Dear Woods Coffee,

I am MISSING you today… :(. However, I have figured out that I am saving $42 a week without you in my life. Talk about an addiction.

Dear brother,

I’m glad you came down this week. It’s safe to admit that we ALL feel incomplete without you here!

Dear coaching,

I REALLY, REALLY miss you, but I am really loving having a life after 5pm!

Dear Jenny from 24hr fitness,

You are like satan on a bike. You kicked my butt, but I am strangely looking forward to being yelled at by you again in our next class.

Dear Grandparents,

I’m going to come visit you this weekend. I promise!

New offices!

19 Jan

Yesterday was moving day…again! I’m sick of moving now, no more for awhile please! Our Papa Murphy’s offices down here finally made a move into some new offices. They are great! I’m pretty excited to no longer be working in a conference room or in a office where I can hear the massage therapist working on somone…makes talking with people in my office a little akward to say the least! We have slowly begun to unpack and are still in desperate need of some plants (or what my mom likes to call ‘vegetation’)!

Here are some pics of where I will be spending my 9-5’s!

bookshelf/filing cabinets

a lil' tribute to my girls back at home 🙂

my desks and guest chairs

Triple Bday!

18 Jan

Today was such a fun day! Went to church with my neighbor girl that I grew up with and then we went to lunch and reminissed about the good ol’ days! It’s fun to be able to pick up where you left off 15 years ago! Then Britt and I did that fastest errand running, went home & wrapped presents, loaded up the mini and had a lil’ jam session on our way up to prune hill. Tonight we all got together to celebrate Uncle Jim, Erin and Joeys birthdays. A.ka….another excuse to eat cake and not feel guilty! Happy Birthday you three! I love you all!

count em’

14 Jan

2 more work days til I get my own office! I’m a little excited!


13 Jan

So tonight, instead of working out, I sat and watched Biggest Loser and although I felt like I worked out with all their blood, sweat and tears that they shed…I caved and gave up on going to the gym. Knowing that I have to get up early tomorrow morning to get my butt back to the gym, I had every intention of going to bed early….then American Idol came on. It sucked me in and I found myself up til almost midnight. Cringing at some of the people that try-out on that show, I found myself covering my eyes as if I were unvoluntarily watching a horror movie. Some of the people have got to be acting becuase I find it hard to believe that they really are like that in real life. There are those you laugh at, along with the judges, and then there are those that I feel heart broken for becuase they really, truly believed that they fit in the music scene…

Finally, the show was over and I ran up to bed to get my 6 hours of sleep until gym time. As exhausted as I am, I can’t fall asleep becuase this image of puzzle pieces are stuck in my head. Yeah, that wasn’t a typo….puzzle pieces folks! I don’t even do puzzles…. However, that is an example of my relationship with God. He understands that I am a visual learner so he always teaches me through random metaphors and at the most random times. Either that, or I have legitamately gone crazy and have a secret obsession with puzzles. You decide.

The world is like a puzzle, and we are a piece of that puzzle. As a piece of that puzzle, we are uniquely formed to fit one piece that is part of  a larger picture. Some of us spend years and years trying to make ourselves fit into other pieces where we don’t belong. We may have similar colors, shapes or details that could possibly fit and sometimes if we really pounded the piece into the other, we may actually squeeze into place, but we will never truly fit the way we were created to. In fact, we will even screw up the bigger picture of how we were intended to be.

As “pieces”, some of our corners get damaged, torn, ripped, etc. from trying to fit with other pieces, or maybe outside situations mess up our outward appearance which can detour us from finding the other piece where we truly fit. However, no matter how “damaged” we become….we will always fit where we were intended to fit and when we find that piece where we truly fit…we create a masterpiece.

It’s like some of those contestants on American Idol. They try to fit themselves into an industry that they weren’t made for, although they think they have similar details that have led to believe that is where they belong. They try to take on angles to fit right, but never quite fit the way their suppose to. Some are devastated becuase they feel like life is over as they know it, but they don’t see the bigger picture. They don’t see that there is a “piece” that has been there along that fits them perfectly, like a glove. Instead of searching for what they were truly created to find, they settle for a close enough fit. But ‘close enough’ messes up the bigger picture of their life and it never truly makes you feel complete.

No matter how many pieces we try to fit ourselves into, God is always going to be that right fit. That void in our heart that we feel and for some of us, will try our whole life trying to fill with things that don’t belong. We will never truly feel complete and understand our purpose until we allow God to be part of our “piece”. That’s the amazing thing about God…He gives us free will to find him and accept him if we choose. The world offers so many other peices that seem like they would fit, but God is the only “peice” that has the power and ability to make us complete…full of purpose and fulfillingly beautiful. It’s so incredible to know that the creator of the universe is willing to be connected to us through life. Through every struggle, every hardship, every greatest moment. He makes all things beautiful…even worn out, ripped, destroyed pieces like myself.

Thank you Jesus that you are willing to “lay things out on the table” for me. Thank you for teaching me who you are in such a practical and somewhat ridiculuos way ;). You know me all to well and I am so thankful that no matter how many “peices” I try to fit myself into, you will always be by my side just waiting to re-connect with me. Thank you for making a beautiful picture out of the mess I’ve made. It’s moments like tonight where I am reminded that I haven’t even scratched the surface of who you are. Thanks for loving me in spite of all my short comings and honestly, just thanks for loving me, period. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Hands down!

Happy New Year?

12 Jan

Oops…some more long, lost photo’s. Better late than never…right? My cousins friend’s were kind enough to invite me along for their New Years party. Food, games, lots of kids, fun, lots of kids, countdowns, lots of kids….did I mention lots of kids? Good thing I love kids! I would also like to point out that the girl’s team were champs at the games…not surprising though 😉

Some of the girls!

Joey and one of the many kiddos!



We are loving, living so close!

So glad she came for part of the party!

one of my favorite families!

Love, love, LOVE these girls!