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23 Jun

Dear Mr. Steroids,

Wow. Your arms are huge. They’re like tree stumps. While I am sure you have far exceeded your strength training goals, the rest of us at the gym do not appreciate your “giving birth”-like sound effects. Not to mention your meladramatic “falling to the ground” after a leg press. Old man rivers can do it too without the unnecessary add-ons. Just sayin.

Dear Stranger on the Phone,

While I am sure that you are a very nice person and people are very fond of you, I do not in fact “love you”. Please disregard the fact that I ended our conversation like that, followed by the akward pause, mumble and quick hang up. Never thought I would be embarrassed over the phone.

Dear scared lady at the gym,

Britt and I do not apologize for our dancing sit-ups, but we do apologize for making you feel uncomfortable enough to leave your work-out. We said you could join, but apparently you were too cool for the fist pumps and running mans. Maybe next time.

Dear Summer,

This is getting ridiculous. Seriously.

Dear Family,

We are finally under the 2 week mark! Can’t wait to spend 9 days with you in sunny (fingers crossed) california! Can’t wait! In the words of the little ones…”12 more sleeps!”


top ten #889.

22 Jun

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…apparently Father’s Day is turning into Father’s week as I continue to gush about some of the wonderful, funny things I just love about you. Here’s to you Daddio!

#1- the times you call me into your closet and you ask my advice on what you can wear with your new items, while you continue to remind me that you want to be “age appropriate, yet stylish”.

#2- the way we still make fun of that guy we saw on Who Wants To be a Millionaire about a decade ago. That face is priceless and your impression…even better!

#3- the daily call outs from your office to mine asking how to spell words. “Are you sure Sandals is spelt with two L’s?” Yes, dad…positive!

#4- our award-winning reenactments of every Will Farrell movie ever made.

#5- all of your “excuses” for why you watch chick flicks and girly shows with me and mom 🙂

#6- being equally fantastic on the basketball court with our mad skills and occasional air balls. classic.

#7- the times we’re in your car and “Boots with the Fur” comes on and you prop your seat back, unroll all your windows, turn up the volume and yell Lower, lower lower…hand motions and all! 🙂

#8- the way we both attempt to do something technical or challenging and then simultaneously yell for mom.

#9- the way you used to turn the music up in the car when I would start to sing along, but then I caught on, got offended, forgave you, laughed about it and now realize you still do it…but more subtle. 🙂

#10- your perfect balance of being my boss, my dad and my friend!


16 Jun

She was your average girl. Full of potential, but held back by fear. Fear of what others thought, being different, misunderstood, akward. Limited by insecurities of not being pretty enough, good enough, smart enough. Although she talked and talked, she was always afraid to have a voice; a genuine communication of what she really felt and thought and knew to be true in her heart. Surrounded by amazing friends, but never allowed herself to branch out to those who needed a friend the most. Insecurities strangely led to selfishness; in which the world she felt uncomfortable in led to one that she felt revolved around her at times. Fake confidence.

I wish that girl knew how much potential she had in her. I wish she knew how much those people she ignored really needed to just be noticed and not becuase she was so great, but becuase they needed to realize that they were. I wish she knew that people really didn’t care so much about the lil’ things that bugged her to the core. I wish she let herself be more vulnerable, more understanding, more forgiving, more friendly, more encouraging, more confident that she was good enough, just as she was.

If I could, I would tell her that those things that bothered her so much then made her miss out on the wonderful things that could have been. I would tell her to just be herself and believe that everything about her was on purpose. I would tell her to take in the little moments, notice and appreciate the little gestures, go out of your way to really see people. I would tell her to make a difference and not just a dent.

Graduation season has come and gone and I can’t help but think of that akward girl that was just happy to be sitting in the ceremony…by the skin of her teeth. My oh my, how far I’ve come! Thankfully, I am not the girl I was in high school, but it took that girl to mold me into who I am today and for that alone…I don’t have any regrets. I just wish these girls who are in HS now, knew how valuable they really are. I talk with girls everyday who feel just as I felt, not good enough and trapped in their insecurites. I wish they believed in themselves and embraced what makes them different. I wish they really understood how short-lived MS and HS is and how those people that they dress for, act fake for, work so hard to impress, will most likely not be in their life after graduation. I wish they felt  secure enough to be exactly who they are, nothing more, nothing less. I wish magazines and celebrities weren’t the impossible bar they set for themselves. I wish convictions rang truer than pressure. I wish texting and media outlets didn’t take the place of conversation and real, authentic interaction. I wish more girls would use their words to encourage others, rather than tear them down. I wish that more girls had better role models. I wish that when every girl laid their head down at night, they knew in their heart of hearts, that they were loved and adored and worthy of such affection.

7 years have come and gone. Moving, exploring, careers, friendships, relationships, opportunites, failures and successes. Heart ache and love and everything in between. Im no where near where I want to be, but so far from who I was.

I’m not who I was when I took my first step, but I’m clinging to the promise that He’s not through with me yet.

this week I…

12 Jun

-got “lyrically” cussed out by the Dominoes sign holder who was apparently blaring Eminem in her headphones as she mouthed the encouraging words of said “rapper” while flashing gang signs and simunateously two stepping on the corner. If only I had my video camera…

-used my feet instead of my arms to play volleyball. Apparently that’s my gut reaction when my mind stops communicating with my body.

-became another poster child for General Larry Platts infamous song “Pants on the ground”. Although losing weight is fun, I really like my clothes…but apparently Im going to have to part with some…or buy a belt. It’s bittersweet really.

-realized I have accomplished many of the goals I had set for myself years ago and apparently need some new ones, especially before I hit my quarter life crisis. Less than two months to go…should be a good time.

-was honked at by a car who was in FRONT of me, followed by a friendly finger which was waved in the rear view mirror so that she let me know the honk was for me. Thank you lady. I can honestly say that no one in front of me has ever honked at me. An experience to remember…a weird experience, but an experience nonetheless. And by the way, if I ever get behind you again and you continue to drive under the speed limit while having foot spasms on your breaks…I will, yet again, “encourage” you to move faster by getting as close to your car as I can so that you can clearly read the words on my lips “encouraging” you to drive the “blessed” speed limit. Thank you.

-had an unfortunate experience. After talking to a girl, randomly in a store, she proceeded to ask me out to a bar in portland. While I thought it was a nice gesture since I had just explained to her that I was new to the area and hadn’t yet experienced much, she then proceeded to tell me that it was “ladies night”….at a lesbian bar….and she’d like me to go with her. “No, thank you” I replied and turned away without any further explanation. When I mentioned I hadn’t experienced much…that’s not at all what I was implying. Note to self; choose your words carefully….better yet, choose your conversations with strangers carefully.

the weeks not even over…i’m a little nervous to see what this weekend brings my way. Good luck to whoever hangs out or around or near me 🙂

top ten #579.

10 Jun

"You're not going to wear those band-aids with a dress are you?"


I work in an office with mostly all men, not too mention all the people I meet and see on a weekly basis. Not only are these men almost all family, but they are all very open and shall we say “blunt” about their opinions on my outfit selections. Thankfully, my sarcastic nature not only enables me dish it out, but also to take it. Here are my top ten favorite comments out of the mouths of men in just the past month 🙂  

1. “Hmm, that’s an interesting dress. You look like you work at a chinese resturant.”  

2. “A scarf with a dress? Are you confused?”  

3. “Did you mean to wear your belt there?”  

4. “Wow. Those are interesting shoes. You look like a Roman Solider.”  

5. “Jenn, what’s with the boots? Oh, wow…and they’re purple!”  

6. “Hey, if you needed money, you could just ask. You don’t have to walk around with holes in your jeans.”  

7. “Wow, those are the brightest pink shoes I’ve ever seen. You could stop traffic with those babys!”  

8.  “You know it’s raining, right?”  

9. “Oh that’s nice, Molly let you borrow her skirt!”  

and the winner for the most akward one…  

10. (while wearing a VS tee that says “Love Pink”, I was stopped by a guy in a pink polo who said with too much excitement) “I love pink too!” (The akwardness not only presents itself with that statement, but also with the fact that he thought there could actually be a conversation started from that statement!)  

Oh men, if only we got our fashion advice from you. Until that day comes or pigs fly…you’re comments amuse me and now hopefully, they’ll amuse others. Enjoy!  

Injuries-3; Jenn-0

8 Jun

rough morning…to say the least.

walking half asleep to the shower at the ungodly hour of 7AM led me to first trip over my unpacked suitcase and gently lay my head against my ever so soft wall. +1 for injuries.

Purple dress, grey boots and some gnarly looking swollen and bloody knees from volleyball last night. Apparently knee pads aren’t overrated in your twenties. +1 for injuries.

Driving back to work in my previously forementioned outfit…pulled into my spot, opened my door and fell out of my car. God bless slippery grey boots and the one day I chose to wear a dress. +1 for injurys.

It’s still early in the morning and today’s just not going to be my day. Maybe I should skip the gym tonight…Lord knows what havic I could reap there!

P.S. feel free to join in with those in the parking lot who laughed at my expense, if the roles were reversed…I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same. 🙂 Hope your Tuesday’s better than mine!


4 Jun

Dear coffee addiction,

Welcome back. Just when I thought I lost you….

Dear Job,

I still love just having one of you. What was I ever thinking??

Dear lil’ people in my life,

Stop growing. Olivia, you turned into a teenager overnight. Jack, I’m starting to understand what your saying which means your losing your cute lil mumbles :(. Jones, stop beating me at everything! Molly, please don’t ever grow out of your pirate stage…I just love the one eyed smiles. Bennett, just stop growing…you’re so big and it seems like just yesterday your mama and I were trying to walk you out at the mall!

Dear coaching,

ugh! I miss you the most.

Dear San Diego (or in the words of my boy Will, “Saint DeeAgo”),

I might have to join in with the lil ones and make a countdown chain to help contain my excitement. You really can’t come soon enough, can you?

Dear Emergency Room,

After visiting you this weekend, you have reconfirmed that you & the people that find themselves there, are in fact…that last place on earth I want to be. One more minute inhaling the stench of your walls and hiding my eyes from the Grey’s Anatomy like trauma…I would have embraced your cold, disinfected floors with my sweaty and shaky palms. People who work there…hats off to you!

Dear School,

I’m contemplating my return to you. As much as this new desire to get my masters seems attainable…you take the cozy place right behind the ER on last places I want to be right now…or possibly ever.

Dear Gym,

I still love you. 6 months strong. I could do without some of the people mentioned on my previous post though.

Dear new friends and new city,

You have far surpassed my expectations and as much as I miss people up north, I love it here. Love might be an understatement.

top ten #897.

3 Jun

The top ten people you will meet at the gym.

1. the old man whose frame is frail, but is religiously at the gym 5 days a week at 8pm on the dot…oxygen tank and all.

2. the girl who comes to “work out” yet never touches one piece of equipment and looks as if she just came from Prom.

3. the guy on the treadmill with jeans and flip flops.

4. the guy who is obviously exchanging his daily vitamins with some roids because his arms are permanently extended from his body as he makes waddling laps around the gym in between reps.

5. the three grandma’s in the lap pool who secretly wish they were on a syncronized swim team.

6. the 15 high school boys who lift weights in groups while all proudly wearing their schools weight training shirt while carrying an old milk jug full of water.

7. the married couple; where one isn’t as excited to be there as the other

8. the (what I like to call) inapporpriate gym clothes guy; too tight, too short, too white, too disturbing

9. the creeper; the guy that uses the gym as another form of online dating

10. and the rare 10% of humanity that uses the gym for all intent and purposes…to work out.

See what you’re missing out on?!

I love lists.

1 Jun

Are you just saying you love lists or do you really love lists? (sorry, must use Will Farrell movie quotes at all possible opportunities, its one of my core values. Not really, but maybe.)

I am a list girl through and through. Lists and post-its…apparently it really is the small things in life that make you happy ;). Because of the plethra of list that I create on every and any paper I can find, I seldom remember where they are placed. I’m a scribbler, a doodler at heart. I am the type of person who makes a list for the mere point of making a list. Even if I have already accomplished something, I will put it on the list just so I can cross it off my list. Is that weird? Anyways…I thought I’d share my growing “shows” list…

2010 Shows I plan to see…

6/27- Brian Regan (Salem, OR)

7/3- Lilth feat. Colbie Calliat (Ridgefield, WA)

7/17- Kings of Leon (@ the gorge)

8/28- John Mayer (Gorge)

9/4- DMB (Gorge)

10/3- Jack Johnson (Gorge)

updated 25 b4 25.

1 Jun

At this beginning of this year I posted 25 things I wanted to do before my 25th birthday. I thought since I have only 90 days to complete this list, I’d update and cross out the ones I’ve done!

*Posted 1/6/10 updated 5/31/10.

I’m turning a quarter of a century this year! YIKES! I feel old. I decieded to make a list of some things i would like to do, accomplish, test out…before i hit the BIG 25. Some are selfish, some are a little bit crazy and some are big goals, but its my list so…there!

25 things I want to do before I’m 25.

1. Go on a cruise.

2. Try Hot Yoga.

3. Get a tattoo.

4. Run a half-marathon.

5. Go camping

6. Go to a John Mayer concert (8/28/10 @ the gorge!)

7. Get my finances under control (almost!)

8. Meet new people and start new relationships

9. Try a new sport

10. Give to a charity I believe in

11. Volunteer on a regular basis

12. Take a spontaneous trip, even if it’s in the same state.

13. Have a movie marathon/photo-shoot with Er and Britt like we used too…and make Tiff join us!

14. Develop a better relationship with my grandparents (always room for progress on this one!)

15. Do better at my job and become even more efficient and effective. (always room for growth on this one too!)

16. Go on more hikes

17. Get back into tennis

18. Go to a Dave Matthews concert (9/4/10 @ the gorge)

19. Find the right balance in my life and in the areas I spend my time

20. Try a new hair style

21. Go to a moroccan restaurant (i don’t know why, but i do)

22. take a photography class and develop a better skill

23. take a cooking class

24. Set some new goals for the next quarter of my life

25. Impact the world better each day.

What are some things that would entail