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Goodbye 24.

30 Aug

Last day of being 24. The girls took me to Marrakesh in Portland for quite the “experience”. It’s defiently never a dull moment with us girls… between eating with your hands, Tiffany tipping the belly dancer and then joining her, and the dance party on the way home, always fun! Thanks again girls 🙂

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adventures of babysitting.

18 Aug

I just love being an Auntie! One of the best things about living here is being able to watch the little ones and give my cousins a much needed date night! Happy to do it and even more happy to spend time with all the little kids 🙂 After a fun day at the beach, we had to end the day with some yo cream and a little hike to run all the sugar out of them for bedtime and of course a lil’ photo shoot! Love them!

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Beach Day!

17 Aug

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Decided to take the day off of work and spend it at the beach with the girls and little ones! Best way to spend the day in 96 degree weather! Playing in the water and throwing around the football…can’t get much better than that!


17 Aug

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Fun night with the little ones!

Bennett Graham 4.5!

13 Aug

I got to take some sweet little pictures of my favorite lil 4.5 month old lil man. Besides the sunlight that chose not to cooperate with us, the drug addict in the wheel chair who got hit by a car while shooting up and the fun”colorful” people in downtown portland…we managed to get a few fun shots. Here are my favorites!


Seems like only yesterday we took belly pictures and pictures at the hospital 😦 Stop growing Benz!! Love you lil’ man!


August 3rd.

4 Aug

Today marks 1 year of when I started this blog and all though 1 year is a long time, it seems so short. Time seems to be going by so fast lately, especially since I moved to this new city. This blog started in the midst of a really hard time in my life and I found it therapeutic to write and hoping that some might feel the slightest bit encouraged to know that they aren’t alone in life and their struggles. What started off as a hard, painful year has boiled down to one of the most rewarding and has caused the most growth to take place in my life. If nothing else, it’s always nice to remember what you’ve been through to help give you hope of where you’re going. I hope this next year brings as many challenges, growth opportunities, failures and successes and all the moments in between because without them, life wouldn’t be as colorful!