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Day 7.

30 Jan

I guess, now I wake up at 7:30 in the morning…even on a weekend…awesome!

Waking up that early left me no excuse to get my work-out in, however, not being able to sit up becuase my ribs were so sore atleast tempted me to skip it. Walking around like I just got off a horse made me think that a good trip to the gym might help the soreness. Well…it was a good thought.

Got my work-out in, headed to church and found myself a ‘cozy’ spot to stand in the back becuase sitting was out of the question. Apparently I do not know how to do a sit-up correctly…or I do and it has just been WAY too long! Either way…pain is an understatement.

Tonight is the end of the first week of the 12-week challenge; down 5 lbs; feel so much better; no longer crave coffee (okay, maybe I do, but I’m hoping the more I say it the more it will be true). All in all, I’m in love with this program. It feels good to see results in all the effort thats been put in this past week. Hopefully that will be enough motivation for the next 11!

*oh and by the way, I don’t know what I was thinking starting a seperate blog…like I have time to do both! Anyways, the posts from that short-lived blog are below. Enjoy!


Day 5.

29 Jan

Went to Crossfit Untamed with Melody today. Walked in feeling like a champ and left feeling out of shape and shakey. After burpees, supermans, pull-ups and a few other timed excercises, I realized quickly how far I have to go in this whole “getting healthy” process. Thanks to Melody for enduring an extra set of air tucks with me so I didn’t have to do them alone and SORRY to Brittany for the amount of times I told you that I hated your gym…:) I love it…just the heat of the moment!

Feeling good after a saturday morning work-out abruptly ended with me rear-ending the nice lady in front of me. Go figure. Story of my life…not really, but it felt like it. Must have been zoned out…clearly!

Intense work-out & stupid accident opened the doors to a shopping day with mom at the woodburn outlets. Nike and Vans might have been the only plus about the long drive out there…oh, and maybe Coach for finally upgrading my mom from her TJ Max deals :). 

I have a feeling I am going to be really sore tomorrow…

Day 3.

26 Jan

Not sure how spinach, chicken, oatmeal and 130+ ounces of water can make a girl sick, but somehow it did….could have been the 8 hour meeting we had today too…hmmm.

Tonight was the hardest part of the diet so far…going out to eat for dinner. The hard part wasn’t not eating anything (becuase I hadn’t worked out yet), but it was trying to not make others feel akward or uncomfortable as i drank my tea like the 90 year old lady that i sometimes feel like.

It worked out though and suprisingly i wasn’t really tempted by anything…okay, maybe the bread, but self-control won.

After “dinner” I was actually excited to head to the gym…its kind of nice having a cardio/strength training plan that is designed for me and the assurance that I am actually doing things right at the gym. There is nothing more frusterating than wasting time on something…especially at the gym. Example: the girl that was on the treadmill next to me tonight that walked at a 2.5 while drinking a shake…i guess its better than sitting, but seriously?

All I can say is that after doing Hot Yoga the other day, the gym was AMAZING. Although, I do feel the urge to go back to Hot Yoga…I could use a good stretch after tonights stairmaster.

12-week challenge, so far, so good!

Yoga Hell Part 2.

24 Jan

There must be something in that hot, smelly room that locks something into your brain that triggers a desire to return to that awful place….and if that’s not the reason, then I just must be crazy. Either way, my partner in crime endured Yoga Hell with me tonight. Much to our surprise, we were greeted by the poster child of yoga, a scrawny, sweaty, hairy, spandexy, pony-tail wearing man. His greeting was much better than the lady before…

The 6pm class must be the place to be becuase even though we were 15 minutes early, we found ourselves crammed in the back corner right in front of the bathroom. A good 20-25 people joined in as we found ourselves dying…it had to have been 120 some degrees in that place. Aside from trying not to laugh at the Yoga Superstar, formally known as Brittany, (who must be gumby on the side) as she kept warning me that she was about to puke.

90 minutes later, we survived….however, we did not survive all the lame jokes the instructor insisted on telling. Stick to Yoga dude….

After a much needed shower, our guilty pleasure show ‘The Bachelor’ and the best ground turkey/green beans I’ve ever had (Thanks Bradford!)….we nervously laughed at the fact that we only have 18 more sessions to go…stupid Groupon, why did you have to give us such a good deal?!

Day 1.

24 Jan

Today was the first day of the 12-week challenge…suprisingly the only challenge was choking down my breakfast this morning. Although I love egg whites, its the whole wheat oatmeal that I find myself gagging at. The only benefit so far of breakfast this morning was tricking my brain to not want coffee becuase i was so full of oats….pretty soon my brain will out think my stomach and then I’ll have a real problem on my hands!

The rest of the meals today have been fine, however, I have to set little alarms to remind myself to eat….this whole 5 meals a day thing is more work scheduling than actually eating. Anyways….off to hot yoga with Britt tonight, this should be a whole new kind of interesting!


23 Jan

Dear Coffee Addiction-

You will be missed , for awhile at least.

Knowing that my coffee routine ends tomorrow, I double endulged in 4 shots of coffee this morning….sad to see this one go…

Tomorrow starts the 12-week Challenge. I printed out my list of CLEAN foods that I “get” to eat and headed to the grocery store. Picking out ground turkey was quite the challenge, but cooking it will be the real test. The food items seem completely ‘do-able’, but training myself to eat breakfast will be quite the hill to climb. Oh well, I like a good challenge. I say that now…but lets see how tomorrow goes

10 things I feel I’m about to lose…

20 Jan

1. my coffee habit…sadly.

2. my freedom in the evenings…its Gym and I for the next 12 weeks (and then some)!

3. my laziness in eating…apparently 2 meals a day isn’t that great for you.

4. my excuses

5. my lack of knowledge about all things nutrition

6. the heels to my nikes…I must run on my heels or something..(that must be a sight to see)

7. the embarrassment I feel lifting weights next to the guys whose arms are so big they can’t physically put them down at their sides.

8. my dislike for energy & protein drinks

9. some insecurities

10. and hopefully some weight

Yoga Hell

19 Jan

Also known as Hot Yoga, however, I imagine it would be similar. I’ve wanted to try it for a year now and although I’m not sure what drove me to ‘want’ to experience this intense work-out, it is what led me there this morning.

I blame Groupon. The other day they had this kickin’ deal: $20 for 20 sessions of Hot Yoga (conveniently located right around the corner from my house). If that wasn’t a HUGE deal in itself, since it was my first groupon, I got $10 off. Needless to say, i had no excuse or hestiation…Hot Yoga here I come!

I’m not a morning person and for all of those who I get to ‘grace’ with my presence in the morning, here is your official apology; I’m sorry! Setting my alarm last night for 6:20AM with every intent of hitting the snooze button and missing my 7am session, I woke up at 6:15…fully awake. Intimidated to go to my first session alone, I even tried to trick myself and try to act like I was tired…reluctantly I got out of bed and began giving myself a pep talk. You should have heard it, makes me laugh even now.

Yoga mat; check! Water bottle; check! Gum; check! Towel; check! A quick 5 minute drive down the street to a ‘hole in the wall’ business, i began to hesitate as the front door i began to open was “sweating”. The few steps to the front desk seemed long due to the glare of the red-headed ‘bundle of joy’ behind the counter. “I’m new” was all I could think to say, which was rudely counteracted by “I can tell”. *Enter nervous laughter* Our friendly conversation then continued:

“You’ll need a yoga mat”

laughing I said “whoops, forgot that in my car”

after rolling her eyes at what seemed to go on for a world record amount of time I returned with yoga mat in hand.

“You’ll need a towel”

“Got one right here” as I held up my 4x6in towel

sarcastic laughter busted out of her frown as she said “you’ll need a towel to cover your mat. That’ll be $2″

Giving her a $20, I stuffed the change back into my wallet while not noticing that she obviously needed a calculator to do the math since $20-2 does not equal $17. Whatever.

“Since its your first time, your main focus is to not leave the room…which means you might end up sitting and breathing a lot of the time”.

*Of course, this is when i began to get really excited. Yay me!

“Yeah, you’re gonna want to get rid of that gum. Oh and that water, most people don’t bring it in because it will be a distraction.”

“Um, okay. Thanks?” Seriously, what in the WORLD was I about to open the doors to where my water would be a distraction?!

Opening the doors to hell…um, I mean the room, my new ‘friend’ at the front desk had some parting advice “newbie’s sit in the back”. What is this? Did we not just celebrate MLK day?..

Stubbornly, i wanted to increase her lovely frown by parking my hot pink yoga mat with matching water bottle front and center, but for the sake of my pride I got as far back as I could go. Either my pink matching attire spurred those around me to believe I must be new or some unforseen stamp on my forehead. What can I say; if I’m about to get all hot & sweaty, might as well look cute while doing it! The girls to my right were on their second round and gave me some encouraging words “this is so hard, last time we just sat the entire time and focused on our breathing”.


8 of us lay flat on our mats, in complete silence…sweating, profusely i might add…waiting for the instructor to enter. LUCKILY, my lil’ bundle of joy entered and started us off on some entertaining breathing exercises. This lady either has an identical twin or split personalities because the lady that entered that room was not the jerk that ’welcomed’ me in the beginning. She was like Batman & Robin. As the hour and half went on of stretching, holding poses that i could never even begin to verbalize due to the fact that i believe most of the words used to describe them came from a tribe in the middle of nowhere, I found myself melting. I was literally like a snowman placed in the desert. Regardless, I made it through with only having to sit and try to keep my head from spinning a couple of times which was mostly a result of the ‘kind’ old gentleman who obviously squeezed his legs to tight during the “alsjdlfkja alskdjflkajsdf laksjdfkl” pose and let one rip. Thank you, sir. That smell was literally trapped in that room. Ugh.

Although I survived my first Yoga Hell experience, I have no desire to go back, but with 19 sessions left to my name…I might just find myself back there tomorrow morning…this time, however, not directly behind Stinks McGee. Having gone through both yoga extremes, yoga on top of a mountain in Whistler, BC and Yoga Hell…I’m still not a big fan. I’d take spin class any day over yoga. Thankfully, I just started a 12 week “Butt kicking” session with the fab Angie Lewis, which hopefully will not require my attendance at Yoga Hell.

So there you have it. My Hot Yoga experience in a long, cracked open nut shell. You’re welcome. If you want more info on what Angie Lewis has to offer check out her website at or check back here for updates!