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HUGE news!

18 Feb




NW Premier Investments, which is owned and operated by Tom & Jim Lovelace (dad & uncle to me :)) is launching a BRAND new NW restaurant! Now, if that wasn’t exciting enough, we will be opening this fast casual restaurant in a mere 90 days! Yeah, we know…we’re crazy and just to prove it…we’re are documenting the WHOLE process and inviting  all who are interested to join our exclusive blog and follow us on our twitter account. By subscribing to our blog, you will literally get to watch, learn, and develop with us as we open our first restaurant here in Vancouver, WA.

To subscribe to the blog go to: and follow us on twitter at: Make sure and spread the news to all your friends & family too!

Thanks in advance to all of those who have and will continue to support this company & ultimately our family along the way! We are so excited to start this new adventure…join us?!



7 Feb

Our last vacation as a family of four started this week! I really can’t believe brother is finally taking the plunge into marriage! I am so excited for him…and selfishly, for me too! I finally get a sister and a great one at that!

Day 2 in vacation and skipping the gym is not an option! We found the nearest 24 and included into our morning routine. I feel really thankful for parents who have been so supportive of my goals, even when it comes to fitness. In fact, after they picked me up from the airport they drove me to the grocery store to make sure our fridge would be stocked full of everything I needed for week 3 of this 12-week challenge.

Yesterday & today got into the 80’s, so I’m happily spending my post-workout afternoons working on my tan by the pool and catching up on my reading which has so far consisted of; Women’s Health Magazine, Elle, Glamour, Self, Blue like Jazz and Crazy love. Such a random mix, I know!

Tomorrow will contain much of the same, including shopping and pedicures. I think I need to move here…

Sweat Drippings.

1 Feb

Disgusting, I know. It makes me think of Amy, Michelle and I trying to figure out how to make gravy without gagging at the fact that one of the ingredients is “fat drippings”. Eww.

3 Yoga Hells down, 17 to go. Britt and I conquered yet another “experience”. Every session seems hotter than the last and we are coming to find out that the Yoga studio is much like they gym in January…packed full of resolutionist. While I wish those people motivation to continue on…please choose another studio or at least a different session!

Arriving 15 minutes before class is no longer enough time, in fact, it landed us right by the door…crammed next to 35 other people in a room smaller than my own. Our yoga mats were literally 6 inches apart on all sides…which created some “interesting” and EYE OPENING experiences.

To my left; my partner in crime, Britt…but to her left was a first timer! And although I felt her pain because I was in her ‘bare feet’ just a week or so before…she was one of the most dramatic 20 somethings i have ever seen. From her elaborate breaths to dramatically falling to her mat, nothing compared to the forest that grew from her armpits. My gag reflex is getting stronger and stronger in these sessions.

In front of me; the soon to be eye opening/burning experience. To put it bluntly….if you are a guy in yoga, and you wear loose shorts…please wear spandex underneath them. I’d take an overweight guy in spandex any day over what my eyes were scarred with tonight. Thankfully the heat led the sweat to drip into my eyes and burn some of the horrifying images.

All around me; smelly, sweaty people, however at least these people stayed in their bubble. The instructor, however, (scrawny, hairy, sweaty, spandexy, sweaty, pony-tail wearing, sweaty guy) kept making his laps around the room, dripping sweat on everybody, unintentionally of course…but still.

All around me was chaos…pure, sweaty, hairy, dramatic, eye burning chaos. Yoga Hell, you’ve truly outdone yourself this evening!