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March Madness…

5 Mar

…more like 2011 madness! How is it already March?! To say I am overwhelmed is understatment…so I won’t even say it :). I feel like life is moving too fast and I am keeping up, but not in a good way. More like in the way of…a 500lb person running a marathon. Hey, it could happen!

I miss blogging, I miss taking pictures, I miss coaching, I miss being bored. However, don’t mistake the things I miss as complaining because the things and people and work that has taken their place for this season of my life are more than worth it. I just feel crazy. Legitimately crazy. No comment!

Some things I’m looking forward too, which I will defiantly have my camera at to document:

  • lil’ Jackson Daniel turning 4 years old on March 8th!
  • hanging out with all the Portland food bloggers
  • My brothers wedding; finally getting the sister I’ve always wanted; being proved right from day one that Amy was the one for my brother; the EPIC merging of the Walsh Family & the Lovelace Family!!!
  • Bennett’s 1st Birthday on the 26th!
  • Moving to our new “camas” home 😉
  • Blazers winning more games instead of losing
  • Buying a car that doesn’t cost me half a pair of 7 jeans every time I fill it up
  • Continuing to develop & open our new restaurant, brothers!
  • SUNSHINE…what? It could come out one day…
  • Citizen Cope at the DougFir
  • Tandra & Toby’s Hawaiian Wedding in May!

I’m sure there is a billion other things to be excited about, but that’s all my mind can contain without having to grab a paper bag to control hyperventilating.

Baby Steps, right?