August & September.

7 Oct

Someday soon my life will slow down and I will be able to post more instead of recapping the months that have gone by. August and September were INSANE.

Lets just say, together, they involved:

A Star Wars birthday party (for Jones!)

The birth of baby Nola Grace! (the cutest thing you ever did see!)

A trip to the fair!

The annual Grace Church Picnic.

The ringing in of my 26th year.

Some quality time with Jake’s sisters, Haley & Molly!

A ring.

A day remembering the birth of my Grandpa, whom I daily miss.

A mini surprise party for brother.

A much needed trip to Seattle to hang out with the Arnolds and celebrate the upcoming birth of baby J with my long lost Jen!

Em’s 30th “I-30” birthday bash!

And so much more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh…did I mention a ring?! Yeah, that deserves it’s own special post. Don’t worry, it will shortly follow this one! 🙂

Sincerely- the future Mrs. Adamson! 🙂


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