Jake & Jenn.

7 Oct

To hear/see how we met and how I became the future Mrs. Adamson (!!!) click here =)

For the part you can’t read: the proposal:

About a week prior to the day, Jake asked me to go fishing at the place where we had our first kiss, Steamboat Landing. Reluctant of my “fishing skills”, I hesitated, but said yes. As the week went on, the weather report showed Saturday to be 90+ degrees, with the hottest hour being when Jake insisted we go fishing. Knowing he probably wouldn’t last too long in the scorching heat, I went along with it. We pulled up to the dock, unloaded our gear and I became suspicious as he insisted we sit right in the middle of two couples on an empty dock. “Forgetting” his sunglasses, he asked I go get them from the truck as he baited the line. Sunglasses in hand, I returned to melt with him on the dock. About 20 minutes into it, I couldn’t sit any longer and was even more suspicoius as to why he was on his phone so much. We he finally gave in and told me to reel in the line so we could leave, a decorated bottle came up out of the water. Being oblivious to what was about to happen, I assumed maybe he got creative for my birthday a week early. Opening up the bottle with a picture of us on it, I dug out a piece of paper that was rolled up inside. Line by line, he creatively told me how much he loved me, but as I neared the end, I noticed him backing up and fiddling in his pocket. My heart skipped a beat when the last line read “Will you marry me?” With his knee down and the most beautiful ring before me, I very happily accepted. Cheers and the sound of our family running down the dock made this moment surreal. To think that I woke up that morning just thankful for a great boyfriend and now I lay my head down at night, smiling at the reality that I am now so lucky to be the future Mrs. Adamson!


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