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the maids and men.

22 Oct

Jake popped the question, which meant it was now my turn to pop the question! I’ve kind of always known what type of person I’ve wanted to be alongside me on my wedding day, I just didn’t know a few of them back then! The one thing I’ve long ago decided was that my bridesmaids were going to be the girls that have not only been there for me now, but who will be there for me 50 years from now. They will be the girls that I know I can count on if and when times get rough. Which, is one of the reason’s I chose all the girls in my family because they won’t have an option…becuase we’re family ;).

Having the modern-day Martha Stewart as my sister-law has set the stakes high for my wedding (and let’s be honest, everyday life). Being the creative minded person that I am, I hate doing anything plain or normal, but she up’s the bar incredibly high! When she asked me to be a bridesmaid, she did so about 3 days after her engagement with a box of fresh made cookies that spelt out LOVE. The cookies would have been more than enough, but the packaging it came it was adorable and the little tag that accompanied the box, oh so cleverly, conveyed her motives of wanting me to be a part of Team Love(lace). Yeah, I know…you should have seen her and brothers wedding!

So know you can catch a glimpse of the pressure (that I’ve added, not her) I felt to ask my friends/family to be my maids! Truth be told, before Ame’s wedding, I thought a simple phone call (or let’s be honest, now a days it would be a text or FB message) would suffice. I immediately enlisted Amy for help, but then felt bad because I knew I would ask her to be in the wedding and wanted it to be a surprise. She found a cute idea of sending each girl a headband (cutely packaged, of course) with an artsy note that asked “Would you head down the aisle with me?” I know, cute, huh?! Go ahead, steal the idea!

I was stuck. Couldn’t think of anything that would meet my standards. Then, when we realized our guest list reached 500+, we quickly realized we would need to stream the ceremony via live feed so we could invite the world (well, our world at least) even though we wouldn’t be able to physically have “our world” there with us on our special day. So then the revelation came! I immediately thought that the invites we would send to those being a part of our live feed would need to be “movie-esque” (yep, another word I’ve impended on the world)…which spurred along my idea for my maids (I officially hate that word and will now refer to them as my party…becuase they are!) Plus, Jake and I spend most of our date nights curled up in front of a movie, all the while hoping it won’t turn out as bad as our first movie together (Dinner for Schmucks!).

So…here’s what I came up with:

A popcorn box (from the dollar store), labeled with a movie poster I created that you can see better by clicking the link below:

movie poster

Then, filled in side, was popcorn (of course!), glitter tissue paper (hey, I like sparkle!) and an envelope, tied with cute ribbon, a “diamond ring” and each girls face on the label, asking the question, “Will you?”

And then, inside was a ticket, asking each of them to be my co-star! Seen here:


Here’s a close up picture of me and my party. I thought it was a neat idea so that they could all see who else would be a part of Jake and I’s day. Thankfully, they all graciously accepted (as long as the dresses in the picture weren’t their actual dresses!). We thought of a great idea for Jake to ask all of his guys, but he kept blurting it out to each friend he saw without the gift in hand so that idea quickly failed! LOL. Ah, well…he’s a guy!