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10 engagment photo commandments.

23 Oct

Jake and I are getting ready to take our engagement photos soon and after partially going blind from pinning 1.5 billion photo’s that I love, I think our photographer might hate me and my “ideas”. In the efforts to go against the grain in our shoot; I figured I would make these 10 commandments to Jake:

#1. I promise to not make a heart shape with our hands…in anyway, any form.

#2. I promise to not make you reinact the Notebook, Titantic or any other overly romatic movie.

#3. I promise to not hold a book and make you pretend like we are reading it together.

#4. I promise to not cut your head out of the picture.

#5. I promise to not write our wedding date anywhere on you.

#6. I promise to make you laugh so that you wont have to pretend for a great picture.

#7. I promise to try and love at least one of the photos so you wont have to go through the whole thing again.

#8. I promise to let you wear whatever you want, within reason ūüėČ

#9. I promise these pictures will be more about “us” and less about “me”.

#10. I promise I will love these pictures with you for the rest of my life.

Now, watch. I bet half of these photos will take place because him and I are both too nice to tell anybody no. ūüôā


August & September.

7 Oct

Someday soon my life will slow down and I will be able to post more instead of recapping the months that have gone by. August and September were INSANE.

Lets just say, together, they involved:

A Star Wars birthday party (for Jones!)

The birth of baby Nola Grace! (the cutest thing you ever did see!)

A trip to the fair!

The annual Grace Church Picnic.

The ringing in of my 26th year.

Some quality time with Jake’s sisters, Haley & Molly!

A ring.

A day remembering the birth of my Grandpa, whom I daily miss.

A mini surprise party for brother.

A much needed trip to Seattle to hang out with the Arnolds and celebrate the upcoming birth of baby J with my long lost Jen!

Em’s 30th “I-30” birthday bash!

And so much more!

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Oh…did I mention a ring?! Yeah, that deserves it’s own special post. Don’t worry, it will shortly follow this one! ūüôā

Sincerely- the future Mrs. Adamson! ūüôā


5 Aug

It’s been about 5 months since my last blog, so I thought I’d play a quick game of ketchin¬†up (yes, I know it’s spelled catching up…that NU diploma doesn’t sit in a drawer in my desk for nothing people!). 5 months have come and gone and while I struggle to figure out if they’ve gone by fast or slow, I’ll save you the battle in my head and digress regardless.

By the way, I miss blogging (blogging about things other than burgers, that is!) and because¬†I’m so OCD, I can’t continue to blog out-of-order, thus the recap of the last 5 months. I know, ridiculous, but just let it happen.


Wedding Madness (no, not mine…hold your horses people). My brothers! Other than the wedding being utterly perfect (and freezing), I came out of the ‘experience’ with a sister! A sister (might I add, “well, sure Jenn..it’s your blog”) who is about the greatest sister I could ask for! Not only does she put Martha Stewart to shame (as if she already wasn’t), but she has become my much-needed¬†cohort¬†in continually proving my brother wrong in any and all circumstances ;). Plus, the 6 hour drive with Jake (including the ‘memorable’ stop to Cabella’s) where we didn’t end up killing each other proved to be a good point in our relationship!

March also rolled in Jackson’s 4th birthday and Bennett’s 1st birthday, which was just another piece of evidence that time is flying by too fast!

And, if change didn’t happen already in March, I rounded out the month by moving in with Jeremy & Amy into a cute little (big) 3-story town-home in (what I will FOREVER refuse to call Washougal) Camas. Other than the initial 5¬†lbs¬†I gained from Amy’s ‘defiantly worth-it’ cupcakes, living there has been so much fun!


April, is what I (now looking back on it) will refer to as “the calm before the storm”. April is where I should have valued every slow moment, every lazy day, every bit of boredom I could gather because¬†little did I know, life was about move faster than I could follow. April was spent celebrating my favorite mom’s birthday, kicking my butt in the gym on behalf of the wonderful Angie Lewis & Advocare and spending Easter with 22 members of the loudest family a girl could ask for.


May lied. It didn’t bring flowers, but in fact brought floods and showers. However it did start off pretty good by¬†celebrating Jake’s birthday in which I made him open far too many gifts on a random street in Portland where cats came out of nowhere and men roamed the streets having the most random conversations. This all came about after we had the world’s¬†spicyest¬†“salad” from one of our favorite hole in the wall restaurants, Pok¬†Pok.

Next came the celebratory engagement¬†of my one and only fathers birth (sounds more extravagant¬†then “my dad’s birthday” huh?). Man oh man, I just love that guy! If I remember right, we spoiled him with a hybrid golf club, which I hear is something great…who knows, the “golf obsession” has yet to hit me yet.

Then came another party for the newlyweds, Jeremy & Amy, as we invited all our friends and family who couldn’t make the trip to the wonderful world that is Canada.

Following shortly after that fun shindig came the SOME Awards, in which our use of social media for brothers (the new restaurant¬†we were opening) was nominated for an award. Accompanied by my trooper of a boyfriend (who proved to be, yet again, a perfect match when we were abruptly thrown on the red carpet (seriously) with photographers everywhere and we both¬†just looked down and walked as fast as we could down the entrance) where we mingled with social media guru’s and sat through¬†the awards ceremony emcee’d by Daniel Baldwin. Walking out with out award, we did however leave with quite the experience (which might be another story for another day).

With work piling up higher than I could reach, deadlines coming and going faster than I could achieve¬†some of them, I checked out mentally and physically and hopped on a plane to Hawaii for Toby & Tandra’s¬†wedding. Melissa might have been my perfect vacation partner as we spent our days on the beach and our nights drinking the most delicious pina¬†colada’s. Tandra’s¬†wedding was perfect (other than a few, now humorous, altercations) and the vacation was at the perfect time!

May wrapped up with a cap and gown on the cutest little pre-schooler you ever did see, Mollie ūüôā Hands down, might just be the most entertaining little 5-year-old on a stage.


June is a blur. As we geared up for the opening of brothers (which I won’t dive into here because my last 5 months have been spent writing its own blog www.90daystodelicous.com) I somehow managed to fit in; Olivia’s dance recital, fun date nights at the zoo, Monday night family nights (where we “forced” the boys to watch The bachelorette), a Tim McGraw concert, the purchase of a shiny red car and showering Erin with cute girly gifts in anticipation of Nola Grace’s arrival!


www.90daystodelicious.com. There you will find my life during the month of July.

Phew! Feels good to ketch-up and start “new” and continue on to blogging about all things random instead of burgers and business, although those topics may¬†randomly flow from my fingertips at times too. And now onto August, where the Lovelace family will welcome baby Nola (man is she in for a lifetime of spoiling!), Jake and I will celebrate 1 year of not killing each other (someone should throw that man a party for sticking it out with me for 365 days, that deserves some kind of trophy…), Jones will turn 9 and all the more smarter than I and I will enter the 26th year of my life which will hopefully be full of continued adventure & memories than the past 25.

Until my next random thought…

March Madness…

5 Mar

…more like 2011 madness! How is it already March?! To say I am overwhelmed is understatment…so I won’t even say it :). I feel like life is moving too fast and I am keeping up, but not in a good way. More like in the way of…a 500lb person running a marathon. Hey, it could happen!

I miss blogging, I miss taking pictures, I miss coaching, I miss being bored. However, don’t mistake the things I miss as complaining because the things and people and work that has taken their place for this season of my life are more than worth it. I just feel crazy. Legitimately crazy. No comment!

Some things I’m looking forward too, which I will defiantly have my camera at to document:

  • lil’ Jackson Daniel turning 4 years old on March 8th!
  • hanging out with all the Portland food bloggers
  • My brothers wedding; finally getting the sister I’ve always wanted; being proved right from day one that Amy was the one for my brother; the EPIC merging of the Walsh Family & the Lovelace Family!!!
  • Bennett’s 1st Birthday on the 26th!
  • Moving to our new “camas” home ūüėČ
  • Blazers winning more games instead of losing
  • Buying a car that doesn’t cost me half a pair of 7 jeans every time I fill it up
  • Continuing to develop & open¬†our new restaurant, brothers!
  • SUNSHINE…what? It could come out one day…
  • Citizen¬†Cope at the DougFir
  • Tandra & Toby’s Hawaiian Wedding in May!

I’m sure there is a billion other things to be excited about, but that’s all my mind can contain without having to grab a paper bag to control hyperventilating.

Baby Steps, right?

2010 looking back…

28 Dec

January 2010-

  • moved back to Vancouver¬†after 15 years of separation only to find out it’s not nearly as bad as I remembered!
  • Spent the first day of the new year with new friends at Drew & Annie’s
  • Picked a fight with a grumpy old man at the BINGO hall with the girls
  • moved into new offices at work
  • celebrated Jameson, Erin and Uncle Jim’s birthday’s
  • Joined the gym and became addicted to spin class
  • re-connected with long-lost friends


  • Cheered Livi on in soccer, along with other 18 Lovelace’s in the stands!
  • spent Monday nights watching “The Bachelor” with the girls
  • Got sweet little valentines from all the “littles”
  • joined a bible study
  • explored downtown¬†Portland with the parents
  • celebrated Tiff’s 23rd!


  • Got to be apart of The Trautman Families miracle by raising funds at PM’s!
  • spent the weekend at Cannon Beach with all the girls and was introduced to my Aunt’s “gangsta” side.
  • celebrated Jack’s 3rd birthday
  • went to a few Blazer games
  • Threw a baby shower for Brittany
  • spent some fun nights watching the “littles”
  • Celebrated the birth of Bennett Graham Bradford!


  • stared greeting at Grace
  • had the ultimate egg hunt for Easter
  • surprised my mom with a party on her birthday
  • celebrated the twin’s 4th birthday in mill creek
  • experienced the farmer’s market and $3 theatre with Er and the kids
  • sat through the final Blazer game of the 09-10 season


  • celebrated my Dad’s birthday
  • spent a week with the fam in Palm Desert, CA
  • started getting my butt kicked at the gym by Brandon
  • went on some fun Portland adventures
  • celebrated Bradford’s birthday


  • experienced the ER with my Grandma
  • had a work retreat in Seattle
  • started playing volleyball with Melissa at Liberty
  • gushed about my Dad at Grace for their Father’s Day service
  • went to a Cubs game at Safeco
  • entered “event season” at work


  • spent a little over a week with the WHOLE family in San Diego
  • had fun bonfires with great friends
  • skipped a work day and spent it at the beach with the girls and kids
  • celebrated my Gma’s birthday
  • went to a family reunion
  • met a pretty great guy
  • spent some hot days at the pool with the girls


  • celebrated 1 year on my blog
  • did a fun lil’ photo shoot for Bennett in Portland
  • celebrated Jonesy’s 8th birthday
  • went on some fun lil’ dates with the littles
  • was thrown my first surprise party by my favorite family
  • had some help from my girls on checking off some things on my “list”
  • starting helping out at G2!


  • took the little’s on fun little adventures
  • spent a week at the beach with the whole family
  • celebrated my favorite brother’s birthday
  • stepped foot in Autzen stadium for the first time!
  • got to be apart of raising funds for Team Jensen!
  • experienced some “interesting” places in clark county


  • watched my brother propose in the pouring rain on a “beach” in Canada
  • saw Jack Johnson at the fair grounds
  • had a fun road trip with Brandon
  • finally got to see all my favorite Lynden people
  • fun Bunco night with the girls
  • went on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin with The Wallers
  • helped out at Grace for Fall Family Fest
  • celebrated Brandon and Brittany’s Birthday’s!


  • spent a week in Disneyland with the Arnolds
  • took an unplanned break from blogging…oops!
  • celebrated Livi’s 5th birthday
  • went to a few Blazer games
  • experienced TSO
  • had our first thanksgiving at home with all of the family
  • played the worlds longest game of balderdash ūüėČ


  • watched all the Beaver fans cry over their expected loss to the Ducks
  • wore the worlds ugliest sweater at the Paull’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  • went to a few more Blazer games
  • celebrated Mollie’s 5th birthday
  • had some fun nights at G2 with some great students
  • enjoyed a few work Christmas parties
  • spent Christmas with everyone I love

Not too sure how 2011 can beat 2010, but with a few weddings and a couple of babies on their way from friends and family, I’m pretty sure it has the potential to!

top ten #841

17 Dec

The top ten(ish) local people/shops/businesses you should all look into:

#1. The Merry Wayhttps://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TheMerryWay¬†-I saw Brittany play in a coffee shop a few years back and remember thinking, how is this girl not in a bigger venue?! She is way too good and then throw in the talents of her husband and you have pure talent! Just bought their CD and after playing it on repeat, I’m stuck between Bulletwound and Stay God as my favorite. Download this people, every song is unique and worth the money!

#2. Bellamaine- available on itunes- love these guys, each of them talented and together have such great energy. Find them on itunes and become their friends on facebook for updates on their upcoming shows!

#3. Between the Lines –¬†http://www.etsy.com/shop/betweenthelines¬†also, check out Cassie’s blog for occasional giveaways and great decorating ideas.. http://www.cbmccully.blogspot.com¬†– This girl makes me want to read more just so I can buy her bookmarks! Such a great gift idea…high quality, unique and so adorable!

#4. Stephanie D Photography –¬†www.stephaniedphoto.com– a fantastic, local photographer with great experience. Although she takes a wide range of photography (from family sessions, weddings, etc.), her pictures of kids and babies are some of my favorite. I’ve had the opportunity to see her work at a shoot and she is such a great photographer to work with. She makes her clients feel comfortable and at ease and is great at listening to what they really want out of their time with her!

#5. Kaylee Eylander Photography http://www.kayleeeylanderphotography.com¬†and check out Kaylee’s blog at http://www.eylanderphotographyblog.com¬†-Kaylee’s portfolio speaks for itself. She makes me want to get better and better at photography becuase of the amazing photographs she takes. Whether your a senior, recently engaged or planning your big day…book Kaylee, she’s worth every penny!

#6. Simply Olive Photographyhttp://www.simplyolivephotography.blogspot.com – Brienne is a fablous photographer with such a big heart. Simply Olive is purely donation, which is absoluetling incredible since the pictures she takes are such high quality!

#7. Jessica Stuart Designshttp://jessicastuartdesigns.com/¬†-I used Jessica for my (soon to be) sister in-law’s bridal shower invites. Amazing attention to detail, fast turn around and extremely affordable. I HIGHLY reccomend her for any of your future wedding invites, christmas cards, party invitations, etc.

#8. Emilie McCormack –¬†http://emiliemccormack.com – Check out Emilie on itunes! This girl is amazing, inside and out. If you ever get a chance to see her live, take the opportunity! Her presence on stage, speaks volumes! This is a girl who was truly born to worship and her¬†personality is infectious.

#9. Design by Tanyahttp://designbytanya.com/– Tanya is an EXCELLENT graphic designer. Whether you prefer pretty little invites or an edgy logo, it appears Tanya’s talents are limitless. All of her designs are cutting edge, top of the line and stand out amongst the rest. Once I hit the jackpot and my clothing line becomes attainable (a girl can dream, right?) I would defiently use Tanya!

#10- Stefan Elmer Photographywww.StefanElmerPhotography.com– Stefan is a great photographer in Whatcom County. Check out his website! He has a great eye for nature shots and all things beautiful! From senior portraits to weddings and family photos, Stefan is excellent!

#11- Lyndsay Lamb Real Estate –http://www.lyndsaylambrealty.com/– If you are looking for a home in WA state, check out Lyndsay’s website. If you are looking for an agent to actually hear and cater to finding the home of your dreams, while keeping in mind your budget, give Lyndsay a call! Not only will you find a great real estate agent, but a life long friend. Also, make sure to click the link to her blog from her website, she has an amazing ability to turn ordinary pieces into unique treasures!

#12- Sweet Bliss Photograhpy- http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sweet-Bliss-Photography/149568618388968 Jenn is absolutely amazing. I love the color of her pictures. She is a natural at photography and seems to be getting better and better with each click of the camera. Check out her facebook page and look at her work, it simply speaks for itself!

….this list could really exceed 10…20…and even more, but that’s another post for another time! If you have some local favorites, please share!

*Also, don’t forget to check out Rockstar Diaries and Cupcakes & Cashmere on my blog roll. From fashion advice, decorating tips, giveaways and more….you’ll be an addicted reader in no time!

top ten #339

23 Jul

As I am slowly, but surely approaching my quarter life crisis, I can’t help but notice the subtle changes I’ve attributed due to my ‘soon to be’ ancient age :). Don’t be offended…live a little!

Here are my top ten realizations that I am in fact getting “old”. Enjoy.

#1- Kitchen appliances and furniture are becoming just as exciting as clothes.

#2- Heart burn is now part of my vocabulary.

#3- After 2pm, my coffee order MUST change to decaf.

#4- I have actually started using the phrase “kids these days”.

#5-¬†Certain movie recommendations cause a blank stare on previously aforementioned “kids these days”.

#6-¬†My next 5 year plan involves me reaching 30. Just typing that is making me hyperventilating…

#7- Planning for my retirement is no longer filled with hopeful wishes and extravagant dreams, but a 401k.

#8- My baby clothes are now considered “vintage”.

#9- I have conversations with people about bad sleep and achy joints.

#10- I am becoming conflicted on what sections I should shop at in the mall.


and for the fun of it, here are some other good one’s from good ol’ google:

-The clothes you’ve put away until they come back in style… have come back in style

-There’s nothing left to learn the hard way

-You sing along with the elevator music

-You know all the answers, but nobody asks you the questions

-Everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work

-You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police

-You look forward to a dull evening

-You consider coffee one of the most important things in life

I love lists.

1 Jun

Are you just saying you love lists or do you really love lists? (sorry, must use Will Farrell movie quotes at all possible opportunities, its one of my core values. Not really, but maybe.)

I am a list girl through and through. Lists and post-its…apparently it really is the small things in life that make you happy ;).¬†Because of the plethra of list that I create on every and any paper I can find, I seldom remember where they are placed. I’m a scribbler, a doodler at heart. I am the type of person who makes a list for the mere point of making a list. Even if I have already accomplished something, I will put it on the list just so I can cross it off my list. Is that weird? Anyways…I thought I’d share my growing “shows” list…

2010 Shows I plan to see…

6/27- Brian Regan (Salem, OR)

7/3- Lilth feat. Colbie Calliat (Ridgefield, WA)

7/17- Kings of Leon (@ the gorge)

8/28- John Mayer (Gorge)

9/4- DMB (Gorge)

10/3- Jack Johnson (Gorge)

updated 25 b4 25.

1 Jun

At this beginning of this year I posted 25 things I wanted to do before my 25th birthday. I thought since I have only 90 days to complete this list, I’d update and cross out the ones I’ve done!

*Posted 1/6/10 updated 5/31/10.

I’m turning a quarter of a century this year! YIKES! I feel old. I decieded to make a list of some things i would like to do, accomplish, test out…before i hit the BIG 25. Some are selfish, some are a little bit crazy and some are big goals, but its my list so…there!

25 things I want to do before I’m 25.

1. Go on a cruise.

2. Try Hot Yoga.

3. Get a tattoo.

4. Run a half-marathon.

5. Go camping

6. Go to a John Mayer concert (8/28/10 @ the gorge!)

7. Get my finances under control (almost!)

8. Meet new people and start new relationships

9. Try a new sport

10. Give to a charity I believe in

11. Volunteer on a regular basis

12. Take a spontaneous trip, even if it’s in the same state.

13. Have a movie marathon/photo-shoot with Er and Britt like we used too…and make Tiff join us!

14. Develop a better relationship with my grandparents (always room for progress on this one!)

15. Do better at my job and become even more efficient and effective. (always room for growth on this one too!)

16. Go on more hikes

17. Get back into tennis

18. Go to a Dave Matthews concert (9/4/10 @ the gorge)

19. Find the right balance in my life and in the areas I spend my time

20. Try a new hair style

21. Go to a moroccan restaurant (i don’t know why, but i do)

22. take a photography class and develop a better skill

23. take a cooking class

24. Set some new goals for the next quarter of my life

25. Impact the world better each day.

What are some things that would entail