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polaroid love.

29 Nov

10 engagment photo commandments.

23 Oct

Jake and I are getting ready to take our engagement photos soon and after partially going blind from pinning 1.5 billion photo’s that I love, I think our photographer might hate me and my “ideas”. In the efforts to go against the grain in our shoot; I figured I would make these 10 commandments to Jake:

#1. I promise to not make a heart shape with our hands…in anyway, any form.

#2. I promise to not make you reinact the Notebook, Titantic or any other overly romatic movie.

#3. I promise to not hold a book and make you pretend like we are reading it together.

#4. I promise to not cut your head out of the picture.

#5. I promise to not write our wedding date anywhere on you.

#6. I promise to make you laugh so that you wont have to pretend for a great picture.

#7. I promise to try and love at least one of the photos so you wont have to go through the whole thing again.

#8. I promise to let you wear whatever you want, within reason 😉

#9. I promise these pictures will be more about “us” and less about “me”.

#10. I promise I will love these pictures with you for the rest of my life.

Now, watch. I bet half of these photos will take place because him and I are both too nice to tell anybody no. 🙂

top ten #841

17 Dec

The top ten(ish) local people/shops/businesses you should all look into:

#1. The Merry Wayhttps://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/TheMerryWay -I saw Brittany play in a coffee shop a few years back and remember thinking, how is this girl not in a bigger venue?! She is way too good and then throw in the talents of her husband and you have pure talent! Just bought their CD and after playing it on repeat, I’m stuck between Bulletwound and Stay God as my favorite. Download this people, every song is unique and worth the money!

#2. Bellamaine- available on itunes- love these guys, each of them talented and together have such great energy. Find them on itunes and become their friends on facebook for updates on their upcoming shows!

#3. Between the Lines – http://www.etsy.com/shop/betweenthelines also, check out Cassie’s blog for occasional giveaways and great decorating ideas.. http://www.cbmccully.blogspot.com – This girl makes me want to read more just so I can buy her bookmarks! Such a great gift idea…high quality, unique and so adorable!

#4. Stephanie D Photography – www.stephaniedphoto.com– a fantastic, local photographer with great experience. Although she takes a wide range of photography (from family sessions, weddings, etc.), her pictures of kids and babies are some of my favorite. I’ve had the opportunity to see her work at a shoot and she is such a great photographer to work with. She makes her clients feel comfortable and at ease and is great at listening to what they really want out of their time with her!

#5. Kaylee Eylander Photography http://www.kayleeeylanderphotography.com and check out Kaylee’s blog at http://www.eylanderphotographyblog.com -Kaylee’s portfolio speaks for itself. She makes me want to get better and better at photography becuase of the amazing photographs she takes. Whether your a senior, recently engaged or planning your big day…book Kaylee, she’s worth every penny!

#6. Simply Olive Photographyhttp://www.simplyolivephotography.blogspot.com – Brienne is a fablous photographer with such a big heart. Simply Olive is purely donation, which is absoluetling incredible since the pictures she takes are such high quality!

#7. Jessica Stuart Designshttp://jessicastuartdesigns.com/ -I used Jessica for my (soon to be) sister in-law’s bridal shower invites. Amazing attention to detail, fast turn around and extremely affordable. I HIGHLY reccomend her for any of your future wedding invites, christmas cards, party invitations, etc.

#8. Emilie McCormack – http://emiliemccormack.com – Check out Emilie on itunes! This girl is amazing, inside and out. If you ever get a chance to see her live, take the opportunity! Her presence on stage, speaks volumes! This is a girl who was truly born to worship and her personality is infectious.

#9. Design by Tanyahttp://designbytanya.com/– Tanya is an EXCELLENT graphic designer. Whether you prefer pretty little invites or an edgy logo, it appears Tanya’s talents are limitless. All of her designs are cutting edge, top of the line and stand out amongst the rest. Once I hit the jackpot and my clothing line becomes attainable (a girl can dream, right?) I would defiently use Tanya!

#10- Stefan Elmer Photographywww.StefanElmerPhotography.com– Stefan is a great photographer in Whatcom County. Check out his website! He has a great eye for nature shots and all things beautiful! From senior portraits to weddings and family photos, Stefan is excellent!

#11- Lyndsay Lamb Real Estate –http://www.lyndsaylambrealty.com/– If you are looking for a home in WA state, check out Lyndsay’s website. If you are looking for an agent to actually hear and cater to finding the home of your dreams, while keeping in mind your budget, give Lyndsay a call! Not only will you find a great real estate agent, but a life long friend. Also, make sure to click the link to her blog from her website, she has an amazing ability to turn ordinary pieces into unique treasures!

#12- Sweet Bliss Photograhpy- http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sweet-Bliss-Photography/149568618388968 Jenn is absolutely amazing. I love the color of her pictures. She is a natural at photography and seems to be getting better and better with each click of the camera. Check out her facebook page and look at her work, it simply speaks for itself!

….this list could really exceed 10…20…and even more, but that’s another post for another time! If you have some local favorites, please share!

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