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the planner.

24 Oct

When Jake and I got engaged, the only thing I knew in regards to our wedding was that it would be next to impossible without a planner (for me anyways). Thankfully, I know (and am related to) an army full of people who could easily and with excellence, help us “pull off” our wedding without a glitch, but we really wanted our friends and family to just enjoy the process with us and not feel forced to have to do anything, so we googled wedding planners in our area and picked our top 5.

A few days later we had our first meeting at Starbucks (any excuse to indulge in coffee!). Misty walked in, all cute in her dress and heels and convinced me that she was a perfect fit for us when she engaged in our sarcasm and survived my dad! lol. I think we all left that meeting being pretty sold, that Luxe Productions was it, but we wanted to test the waters and see what others were all about.

I’ve got to be honest, there are a lot of great wedding and event planners out there, but if I’m going to spend a lot of my time conversing with my planner over these next few months, I want to be able to get along with her and trust in their creativity. Misty was a shoe-in! We can’t wait to sketch out all the plans in our head (okay, it might just be my head, but Jake seems to agree with them at least!) with her and her team!