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the dress.

27 Oct

I heard dresses take a LONG time, so when Ame’s gave me a wedding planner binder with a checklist when I got engaged, apparently I was already 6 months behind on ordering a dress if I wanted to get married in April! Crazy!

I remember walking into a bridal store with my mom and Ame’s when Jake and I were just ring shopping and I lasted about 2 minutes and then had a panic attack and had to walk out. So, needless to say, I was a bit nervous heading back there!

With both of Jake’s sisters home from their various cities (which is rare to have them both in town at the same time), we fully took advantage of their presence and booked an appointment at Ania in Portland with my mom and mom-in-law along for the experience as well!

The first dress I tried on, felt weird. Not weird as in fabric, but weird that this was all happening! Dress after dress, just wasn’t the one. Then came a dress that made me laugh inside just seeing it on the hanger. However, I claim to my motto (only as it refers to clothing and shoes) that you’ll never know until you try it on! Seriously! I have found that the ugliest pieces on the hanger have come to be my favorite pieces to wear! With that said, it wasn’t the case with this dress. If felt like a windbreaker and when I ran in place (yep, totally did that) it even sounded like one. It literally sounded like I had just ran out of an 80’s movie! And when the curtain opened to my audience of family, their laughter that accompanied mine, proved that this in fact, was not my dress!

The next dress i put on was pretty! It had a lace & bling top with a semi-fluffy skirt and I kind of loved it. The dress after that gave my family and soon to be family, ooo’s and awww’s. I liked it too, but was torn about the other one. Being the bargain shopper that I am, all that it took was a glance at the price tags and I quickly decided on the one that roughly cost $4000 less! I’m buying a dress here people, not a Honda! Holy smokes!!!

The consultant took us to the main mirror and “jacked me up” (proof that I’ve been watching far too much of “Say Yes to the Dress”). Let me just say, the veil really changes things. Loving the dress, but having no date set, I left the dress and figured it would be there when I came back if it was meant to be.

Later that night, the girls sent me the photo’s they “stole” of me in the dress and I was quickly reassured that I made the right choice by not buying that dress. Holy smokes that dress had a poofy skirt…kind of looked like big bird in that get-up!

Next, we ventured to Charlotte’s in Beaverton (which, if you’re in the hunt for a dress, start here!) You get your own little room with a very attentive employee and a HUGE selection of dresses! I tried on several dresses and then slipped into one that I loved, but I knew that a big part of why I loved it was that it was so dang comfortable (which apparently isn’t the main factor you should think about when buying your wedding dress! Jeez, people….it’s not like I’m choosing sweats or something!). Anyways, thought I should at least throw a picture of some of the experience in here and since it wasn’t my final dress, here you go:

This picture is proof that dying my hair darker was a good choice, phew! So we left, without a dress, but I still felt fine about! I did kind of think that we might go back and buy this one though.

Then, we gave Bridal Exclusives a shot and were instructed to pick out one of each style of dress to try on. As I went down the line of dresses and picked one of each, I noticed we walked by a rack of dresses and she didn’t have me choose one from it. I didn’t really think too much of it, but I spotted a dress that I just had to try on. It was different and unique and I kind of thought it was perfect! I tried on about 8-10 dresses and kind of loved two of them and then it was time to try on the dress that I snuck in the pile. Glancing at the dress, the lady informed me that the dress was off the runway and probably wouldn’t fit so I could just hold it up and see if I like it. I did, and I loved it, but I still needed to see it on someone. Thankfully, Ames was with me (who could frankly be on a runway!) and I asked if she could try it on for me. The lady quickly opposed. Stunned, I asked why and she answered that I shouldn’t let someone else have “my moment”. With a smirk, I thought to myself, “know your audience lady!” This whole “moment” thing that most girls apparently have when they find “their” dress, I have with finding the right photographer! Not trying to go against her wishes, I took her advice and tried on a similar style dress. Still not feeling like I got the whole picture of the “runway” dress, I couldn’t help but ask again. Thankfully, she let me and Ame’s threw the dress on.

It was stunning. (Not shocked though! Ames can make sweatpants look stunning!)

So there we stood, on our boxes, in front of a giant mirror, both in wedding dresses. We quickly were assured that that was my dress! I love it and hopefully I can wear it as effortlessly as Ame’s does when it comes in! I wish I could post it, but apparently there is some HUGE supersition about the groom seeing the dress before the wedding…