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the dress.

27 Oct

I heard dresses take a LONG time, so when Ame’s gave me a wedding planner binder with a checklist when I got engaged, apparently I was already 6 months behind on ordering a dress if I wanted to get married in April! Crazy!

I remember walking into a bridal store with my mom and Ame’s when Jake and I were just ring shopping and I lasted about 2 minutes and then had a panic attack and had to walk out. So, needless to say, I was a bit nervous heading back there!

With both of Jake’s sisters home from their various cities (which is rare to have them both in town at the same time), we fully took advantage of their presence and booked an appointment at Ania in Portland with my mom and mom-in-law along for the experience as well!

The first dress I tried on, felt weird. Not weird as in fabric, but weird that this was all happening! Dress after dress, just wasn’t the one. Then came a dress that made me laugh inside just seeing it on the hanger. However, I claim to my motto (only as it refers to clothing and shoes) that you’ll never know until you try it on! Seriously! I have found that the ugliest pieces on the hanger have come to be my favorite pieces to wear! With that said, it wasn’t the case with this dress. If felt like a windbreaker and when I ran in place (yep, totally did that) it even sounded like one. It literally sounded like I had just ran out of an 80’s movie! And when the curtain opened to my audience of family, their laughter that accompanied mine, proved that this in fact, was not my dress!

The next dress i put on was pretty! It had a lace & bling top with a semi-fluffy skirt and I kind of loved it. The dress after that gave my family and soon to be family, ooo’s and awww’s. I liked it too, but was torn about the other one. Being the bargain shopper that I am, all that it took was a glance at the price tags and I quickly decided on the one that roughly cost $4000 less! I’m buying a dress here people, not a Honda! Holy smokes!!!

The consultant took us to the main mirror and “jacked me up” (proof that I’ve been watching far too much of “Say Yes to the Dress”). Let me just say, the veil really changes things. Loving the dress, but having no date set, I left the dress and figured it would be there when I came back if it was meant to be.

Later that night, the girls sent me the photo’s they “stole” of me in the dress and I was quickly reassured that I made the right choice by not buying that dress. Holy smokes that dress had a poofy skirt…kind of looked like big bird in that get-up!

Next, we ventured to Charlotte’s in Beaverton (which, if you’re in the hunt for a dress, start here!) You get your own little room with a very attentive employee and a HUGE selection of dresses! I tried on several dresses and then slipped into one that I loved, but I knew that a big part of why I loved it was that it was so dang comfortable (which apparently isn’t the main factor you should think about when buying your wedding dress! Jeez, people….it’s not like I’m choosing sweats or something!). Anyways, thought I should at least throw a picture of some of the experience in here and since it wasn’t my final dress, here you go:

This picture is proof that dying my hair darker was a good choice, phew! So we left, without a dress, but I still felt fine about! I did kind of think that we might go back and buy this one though.

Then, we gave Bridal Exclusives a shot and were instructed to pick out one of each style of dress to try on. As I went down the line of dresses and picked one of each, I noticed we walked by a rack of dresses and she didn’t have me choose one from it. I didn’t really think too much of it, but I spotted a dress that I just had to try on. It was different and unique and I kind of thought it was perfect! I tried on about 8-10 dresses and kind of loved two of them and then it was time to try on the dress that I snuck in the pile. Glancing at the dress, the lady informed me that the dress was off the runway and probably wouldn’t fit so I could just hold it up and see if I like it. I did, and I loved it, but I still needed to see it on someone. Thankfully, Ames was with me (who could frankly be on a runway!) and I asked if she could try it on for me. The lady quickly opposed. Stunned, I asked why and she answered that I shouldn’t let someone else have “my moment”. With a smirk, I thought to myself, “know your audience lady!” This whole “moment” thing that most girls apparently have when they find “their” dress, I have with finding the right photographer! Not trying to go against her wishes, I took her advice and tried on a similar style dress. Still not feeling like I got the whole picture of the “runway” dress, I couldn’t help but ask again. Thankfully, she let me and Ame’s threw the dress on.

It was stunning. (Not shocked though! Ames can make sweatpants look stunning!)

So there we stood, on our boxes, in front of a giant mirror, both in wedding dresses. We quickly were assured that that was my dress! I love it and hopefully I can wear it as effortlessly as Ame’s does when it comes in! I wish I could post it, but apparently there is some HUGE supersition about the groom seeing the dress before the wedding…


the planner.

24 Oct

When Jake and I got engaged, the only thing I knew in regards to our wedding was that it would be next to impossible without a planner (for me anyways). Thankfully, I know (and am related to) an army full of people who could easily and with excellence, help us “pull off” our wedding without a glitch, but we really wanted our friends and family to just enjoy the process with us and not feel forced to have to do anything, so we googled wedding planners in our area and picked our top 5.

A few days later we had our first meeting at Starbucks (any excuse to indulge in coffee!). Misty walked in, all cute in her dress and heels and convinced me that she was a perfect fit for us when she engaged in our sarcasm and survived my dad! lol. I think we all left that meeting being pretty sold, that Luxe Productions was it, but we wanted to test the waters and see what others were all about.

I’ve got to be honest, there are a lot of great wedding and event planners out there, but if I’m going to spend a lot of my time conversing with my planner over these next few months, I want to be able to get along with her and trust in their creativity. Misty was a shoe-in! We can’t wait to sketch out all the plans in our head (okay, it might just be my head, but Jake seems to agree with them at least!) with her and her team!

the maids and men.

22 Oct

Jake popped the question, which meant it was now my turn to pop the question! I’ve kind of always known what type of person I’ve wanted to be alongside me on my wedding day, I just didn’t know a few of them back then! The one thing I’ve long ago decided was that my bridesmaids were going to be the girls that have not only been there for me now, but who will be there for me 50 years from now. They will be the girls that I know I can count on if and when times get rough. Which, is one of the reason’s I chose all the girls in my family because they won’t have an option…becuase we’re family ;).

Having the modern-day Martha Stewart as my sister-law has set the stakes high for my wedding (and let’s be honest, everyday life). Being the creative minded person that I am, I hate doing anything plain or normal, but she up’s the bar incredibly high! When she asked me to be a bridesmaid, she did so about 3 days after her engagement with a box of fresh made cookies that spelt out LOVE. The cookies would have been more than enough, but the packaging it came it was adorable and the little tag that accompanied the box, oh so cleverly, conveyed her motives of wanting me to be a part of Team Love(lace). Yeah, I know…you should have seen her and brothers wedding!

So know you can catch a glimpse of the pressure (that I’ve added, not her) I felt to ask my friends/family to be my maids! Truth be told, before Ame’s wedding, I thought a simple phone call (or let’s be honest, now a days it would be a text or FB message) would suffice. I immediately enlisted Amy for help, but then felt bad because I knew I would ask her to be in the wedding and wanted it to be a surprise. She found a cute idea of sending each girl a headband (cutely packaged, of course) with an artsy note that asked “Would you head down the aisle with me?” I know, cute, huh?! Go ahead, steal the idea!

I was stuck. Couldn’t think of anything that would meet my standards. Then, when we realized our guest list reached 500+, we quickly realized we would need to stream the ceremony via live feed so we could invite the world (well, our world at least) even though we wouldn’t be able to physically have “our world” there with us on our special day. So then the revelation came! I immediately thought that the invites we would send to those being a part of our live feed would need to be “movie-esque” (yep, another word I’ve impended on the world)…which spurred along my idea for my maids (I officially hate that word and will now refer to them as my party…becuase they are!) Plus, Jake and I spend most of our date nights curled up in front of a movie, all the while hoping it won’t turn out as bad as our first movie together (Dinner for Schmucks!).

So…here’s what I came up with:

A popcorn box (from the dollar store), labeled with a movie poster I created that you can see better by clicking the link below:

movie poster

Then, filled in side, was popcorn (of course!), glitter tissue paper (hey, I like sparkle!) and an envelope, tied with cute ribbon, a “diamond ring” and each girls face on the label, asking the question, “Will you?”

And then, inside was a ticket, asking each of them to be my co-star! Seen here:


Here’s a close up picture of me and my party. I thought it was a neat idea so that they could all see who else would be a part of Jake and I’s day. Thankfully, they all graciously accepted (as long as the dresses in the picture weren’t their actual dresses!). We thought of a great idea for Jake to ask all of his guys, but he kept blurting it out to each friend he saw without the gift in hand so that idea quickly failed! LOL. Ah, well…he’s a guy!


5 Aug

It’s been about 5 months since my last blog, so I thought I’d play a quick game of ketchin up (yes, I know it’s spelled catching up…that NU diploma doesn’t sit in a drawer in my desk for nothing people!). 5 months have come and gone and while I struggle to figure out if they’ve gone by fast or slow, I’ll save you the battle in my head and digress regardless.

By the way, I miss blogging (blogging about things other than burgers, that is!) and because I’m so OCD, I can’t continue to blog out-of-order, thus the recap of the last 5 months. I know, ridiculous, but just let it happen.


Wedding Madness (no, not mine…hold your horses people). My brothers! Other than the wedding being utterly perfect (and freezing), I came out of the ‘experience’ with a sister! A sister (might I add, “well, sure Jenn..it’s your blog”) who is about the greatest sister I could ask for! Not only does she put Martha Stewart to shame (as if she already wasn’t), but she has become my much-needed cohort in continually proving my brother wrong in any and all circumstances ;). Plus, the 6 hour drive with Jake (including the ‘memorable’ stop to Cabella’s) where we didn’t end up killing each other proved to be a good point in our relationship!

March also rolled in Jackson’s 4th birthday and Bennett’s 1st birthday, which was just another piece of evidence that time is flying by too fast!

And, if change didn’t happen already in March, I rounded out the month by moving in with Jeremy & Amy into a cute little (big) 3-story town-home in (what I will FOREVER refuse to call Washougal) Camas. Other than the initial 5 lbs I gained from Amy’s ‘defiantly worth-it’ cupcakes, living there has been so much fun!


April, is what I (now looking back on it) will refer to as “the calm before the storm”. April is where I should have valued every slow moment, every lazy day, every bit of boredom I could gather because little did I know, life was about move faster than I could follow. April was spent celebrating my favorite mom’s birthday, kicking my butt in the gym on behalf of the wonderful Angie Lewis & Advocare and spending Easter with 22 members of the loudest family a girl could ask for.


May lied. It didn’t bring flowers, but in fact brought floods and showers. However it did start off pretty good by celebrating Jake’s birthday in which I made him open far too many gifts on a random street in Portland where cats came out of nowhere and men roamed the streets having the most random conversations. This all came about after we had the world’s spicyest “salad” from one of our favorite hole in the wall restaurants, Pok Pok.

Next came the celebratory engagement of my one and only fathers birth (sounds more extravagant then “my dad’s birthday” huh?). Man oh man, I just love that guy! If I remember right, we spoiled him with a hybrid golf club, which I hear is something great…who knows, the “golf obsession” has yet to hit me yet.

Then came another party for the newlyweds, Jeremy & Amy, as we invited all our friends and family who couldn’t make the trip to the wonderful world that is Canada.

Following shortly after that fun shindig came the SOME Awards, in which our use of social media for brothers (the new restaurant we were opening) was nominated for an award. Accompanied by my trooper of a boyfriend (who proved to be, yet again, a perfect match when we were abruptly thrown on the red carpet (seriously) with photographers everywhere and we both just looked down and walked as fast as we could down the entrance) where we mingled with social media guru’s and sat through the awards ceremony emcee’d by Daniel Baldwin. Walking out with out award, we did however leave with quite the experience (which might be another story for another day).

With work piling up higher than I could reach, deadlines coming and going faster than I could achieve some of them, I checked out mentally and physically and hopped on a plane to Hawaii for Toby & Tandra’s wedding. Melissa might have been my perfect vacation partner as we spent our days on the beach and our nights drinking the most delicious pina colada’s. Tandra’s wedding was perfect (other than a few, now humorous, altercations) and the vacation was at the perfect time!

May wrapped up with a cap and gown on the cutest little pre-schooler you ever did see, Mollie 🙂 Hands down, might just be the most entertaining little 5-year-old on a stage.


June is a blur. As we geared up for the opening of brothers (which I won’t dive into here because my last 5 months have been spent writing its own blog www.90daystodelicous.com) I somehow managed to fit in; Olivia’s dance recital, fun date nights at the zoo, Monday night family nights (where we “forced” the boys to watch The bachelorette), a Tim McGraw concert, the purchase of a shiny red car and showering Erin with cute girly gifts in anticipation of Nola Grace’s arrival!


www.90daystodelicious.com. There you will find my life during the month of July.

Phew! Feels good to ketch-up and start “new” and continue on to blogging about all things random instead of burgers and business, although those topics may randomly flow from my fingertips at times too. And now onto August, where the Lovelace family will welcome baby Nola (man is she in for a lifetime of spoiling!), Jake and I will celebrate 1 year of not killing each other (someone should throw that man a party for sticking it out with me for 365 days, that deserves some kind of trophy…), Jones will turn 9 and all the more smarter than I and I will enter the 26th year of my life which will hopefully be full of continued adventure & memories than the past 25.

Until my next random thought…

March Madness…

5 Mar

…more like 2011 madness! How is it already March?! To say I am overwhelmed is understatment…so I won’t even say it :). I feel like life is moving too fast and I am keeping up, but not in a good way. More like in the way of…a 500lb person running a marathon. Hey, it could happen!

I miss blogging, I miss taking pictures, I miss coaching, I miss being bored. However, don’t mistake the things I miss as complaining because the things and people and work that has taken their place for this season of my life are more than worth it. I just feel crazy. Legitimately crazy. No comment!

Some things I’m looking forward too, which I will defiantly have my camera at to document:

  • lil’ Jackson Daniel turning 4 years old on March 8th!
  • hanging out with all the Portland food bloggers
  • My brothers wedding; finally getting the sister I’ve always wanted; being proved right from day one that Amy was the one for my brother; the EPIC merging of the Walsh Family & the Lovelace Family!!!
  • Bennett’s 1st Birthday on the 26th!
  • Moving to our new “camas” home 😉
  • Blazers winning more games instead of losing
  • Buying a car that doesn’t cost me half a pair of 7 jeans every time I fill it up
  • Continuing to develop & open our new restaurant, brothers!
  • SUNSHINE…what? It could come out one day…
  • Citizen Cope at the DougFir
  • Tandra & Toby’s Hawaiian Wedding in May!

I’m sure there is a billion other things to be excited about, but that’s all my mind can contain without having to grab a paper bag to control hyperventilating.

Baby Steps, right?